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Okay, an update just because I've been inactive so long...

I have had to put my plans for the Lolita lounge and tea room on hold for the time being as there are more important things I need to concentrate on at the moment.

It's annoying, but its realistic. I really don't want to stretch myself too thin.
I'd rather leave it a little longer and do it right, with the money behind it to make it a great experience and also a good business.

It sounds like a cop-out, but I need to make sure that its going to work, and to do that I need to put way more time into it than I have to spare at the moment. I always prefer to do something right, or not do anything at all. xD

On another note, I just bought my Hyper Japan tickets today! looking forward to seeing all the cute people!
I also get paid that weekend... Gonna be SO tempting to splash out, argh.....

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I'm a serial lurker of many Communities...

Not really much of a diary keeper, don't have the time for it.

Don't get off-put if I comment to you and you see I don't have any entries!


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